Change default seating position

I’m using the default DA62 and G36 with the mods available for each of these aircraft and I’ve noticed how the default seating position isn’t that great. Meaning I always have to change it manually for every new session.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to change the default seating position permanently?

Open the aircraft camera CFG and edit these under [CAMERADEFINITION.0]

InitialXyz = -0.025, 0.2, -0.05
InitialPbh = 0.5, 0, 0

Most cfg’s are located in the MS2020\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft\SimObjects\Airplanes, If it’s a mod you need to check if it has a custom cfg, or a fallback to default.

This tutorial might help you also. I’ve moved my cockpit views around similar to chaseplane in P3d.


Thanks a lot, will check it out.

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