Changes to C172/C152 fuel valve SimConnect Events since Update 5

Seems the SimConnect events for fuel selectors have changed with update 5 for the C152 and C172 (not tried other planes). I’ve modified my homemade panel code and the C172 works ok again. But C152 is beating me so far.

Does anyone know what event is used now to open and close the fuel shut off valve on the C152? It used to work with FUEL_SELECTOR_ALL/LEFT/RIGHT but they do nothing any more. I’ve now tried event FUEL_SELECTOR_OFF and event TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ALL but they have no effect either.

Any ideas on the C152 very welcome, thank you.

Noticed this as well as a number of other three position switches can no longer be commanded via simvar’s, NOR can they be programmed from normal peripherals.

For the 152, my stream deck buttons no longer work for fuel valve or pitot heat.
for the C208, Ignition, start, fuel pump, fuel valves, pitot heat. ALL of the lights (interior) are not INOP before they worked and the SIMVAR’s won’t do anything. Fuel selectors (up top), fuel cut off are also not working.

Reading back status of the events in the SDK are showing no changes either. They really F’d up this update at SO MANY levels.

Thanks for the info. And disappointed to hear the issues are more widespread than just the fuel valves!

So far I’ve been finding SimEvents by trial and error. Guessing there is no Asobo documentation on what events/vars are implemented. And no changelog of what’s different in this update either?