Changes to flight planning in world map?

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When I try to set up a basic flight plan in the world map I can’t add waypoints like I could before SU5. Before, I could set a departure and destination, then add in a waypoint between the two airports and the flight plan would take me directly to the waypoint the on to the arrival airport. Now if I add the waypoint it creates some weird flight plan taking me close to the destination airport, then back to the waypoint, then back to the destination airport. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if they changed the way you set up flight plans with SU5. Is anyone else having a similar issue? As of now I’ve only tried setting up a flight plan between two airports (which worked fine before), so I’m not sure if the problem is location-specific.

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I am surprised this issue isn’t getting more widespread attention. It’s happened to me every single time, regardless of aircraft (but only using GPS-Direct; I haven’t tried other methods, but I’ve seen reports that IFR plans have their own issues).

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Ok, it looks like this is only a glitch in the way the flight plan is displayed in the world map. The flight plan is correct when you load the flight and get in the cockpit.