Changing Registration/Selcal Plate in Cockpit of FBW A320Mod

Thanks to the FBW team. Great work! Is there a way to change the aircraft registration & Selcal code plate that is prominently mounted in the A320 cockpit?

My brother just commented on that when I sent him a video today. Wanted to know what European registered Airbus I had taken.

You need to modify the “” in the “A32NX/SimObjects/AirPlanes/Asobo_A320_NEO/TEXTURE/” Folder.


There’s even a template which you can find here:

There are instructions and a PNG that you may use to add the registration and then convert it to DDS.

Would be great if there was an online tool to just enter a tailsign and selcal code and it generates the DDS for you to generate a set of registrations whenever flying wit a specific livery…