Changing Starting Point recalculates whole flight plan in World Map. Again

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Yes it is present regardless of addons

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I import flight plan from simbrief and MSFS doesn’t give me a choice for a starting point, it defaults to runway. So I change it afterwards and it recalculates whole flight plan for some reason. Sometimes the flight plan is being changed A LOT.

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Import a saved flight plan using SIDs and STARs without starting from a parking spot and then choose a parking spot on the world map and the flight plan waypoints will change.

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It comes and goes, it was fixed I belive in SU7 then reappeared, then fixed in SU11 (?) and reappeared couple updates later. Now after SU15 the bug is still present

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Has been fixed in SU13. Let’s wait for community feedback to confirm if they can reproduce.

I have this exact same problem with, any solutions?

it was never fixed for me.

Closed as by design.