Charlotte Douglas Airport (KCLT) - MSFS

Hello everyone, I previously post asking if the KCLT airport in Charlotte would be updated? FSDT is pretty much unresponsive to anyone asking about this update. The airport is in for a very huge update and it has not been confirmed if it is being updated or not.

I’m hoping some other third party developers could help develop this airport as well. It could provide some competition and more options versus waiting forever for an update. FSDT is great with GSX and even the FSX version of KCLT, but for MSFS it’s been a wash. I’m very disappointed in the lack of updates. It’s extremely bothersome the roads aren’t even the same at the airport anymore and the sim cannot reflect that. Even the concrete for the new 4th parallel runway is laid out. If there is a way to suggest future scenery developments with other 3rd party developers please let me know! I’m hoping someone can update this airport soon. Especially if FS2024 can allow streamlining of sceneries to that version from the current.

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You could update the roads and concrete areas using the World Hub!! If you’re not so inclined then you can wait until Nov 19 for the release of MSFS 2024, which is to use new aerials and, I assume, airport updates.

If you don’t want to do it yourself using the World Hub, you might find someone to do it for you. I’ve updated three or four airports by using Bing Maps, which generally has newer aerials than the in-sim aerials, and placing the nodes of aprons, runways, taxiways, etc using coordinates. But be forewarned, for an airport the size of KCLT, you’re looking at many days of work! I’m working on KAVL by placing coordinates but it will likely be my last airport update using this method. I’m running out of patience. Airports with updated aerials require much less time.

Paid third parties are probably your best bet if you want building and lighting updates.

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Thank you for the response! I have thought about updating the information myself and did get discouraged due to the size of KCLT. I’m surprised that outside of ImagineSim and FSDT in years nobody has worked on KCLT.