Check patch ? game version ?

sorry to ask :frowning: but how do you check what version of game (ie you have? ie just want to check i have thje latest version after patch download :slight_smile:

It’s usually in the window title (May need to Alt+Enter if you’re in full screen)

… or when in the Welcome screen just click on your nametag top RHS. Cheers.

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The patch is only a small download right? I did the update, shows as in the store.

This wasn’t a significant download, or have I missed something??

It was small for me as well… Now my engines shut down when I start from either departure or arrival!

Great. Don’t tell me that… I haven’t restarted yet!! :wink:

It took me awhile to sort out the engine(s) shutting down automatically upon the start of the flight. Long story short is that I had to delete my Saitek X52 profile in FS2020 and rebuild a new one.

This never happened to me prior during Alpha / Beta.


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