Checking Airport Weather Information


When using Live Weather is there any place you can open up to check current METAR information for the airports you choose to fly?


I use the “AeroWeather” app on my phone. You can also use the following website:

Thanks for your response i will check it out, so there is no option i guess inside the sim to check this expect for looking for them externally?

This should be a pretty basic feature that should ideally be included in the sim

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Sorry. I misunderstood and didn’t realize you were looking for something within the sim. In real life, you’d have to get a weather brief or utilize the options I provided (or have an FMS to look up the destination weather). The only way I’m aware within the sim is to either get within radio frequency range of the destination airport and dial up ATIS or another workaround is to set your destination airport as your departure and set weather to “live”, then dial up ATIS to check before resetting the sim to the origin airport.

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Thanks for your response with P3D im used to Active Sky Guage which makes its quite easy but neverthless with FS2020 will try your method when flying