Checking button assignments

I am using the MS store pc-edition of Flightsimulator in combination with Thrustmaster T.16000M and TWCS Throttle. My version is and all things updated. In the past I was be able to check the button an axis assignments in the control option screen. When I press the assigned button or slide an axis I was able to check the working and correct assignments. But since the last update('s, maybe more) the assigned buttons does not ‘light up’ anymore. Very annoying when you want to check re-assign your devices. I have not seen that an assignment is not working, but it is a hell of a job to check everything within the game.

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Known issue and old bug - older than my grandma :smiley:

j’ai le même problème avec le même matériel hotas ( T 16000, plus des MFD cougar) mais pas de solution apparemment ?