Checking for ILS frequencies in flight?

Title says it all. Anyone know how to do this? In FSX you use to have the navmap, but I don’t see any way to do it in flight. The VFR map doesn’t do it either.


Check on fltplan(dot)com – should be free and up to date. This wasn’t the case in FSX, but since this is a day 1 launch, I’d be good money on the freqs being there.

Also make a point to write these down prior to your flight beginning, as in the real world, you’ll want to have all that info available on your knee board.

Hey there. Also as in real world you can use apps for phone/tablets. There are plenty of free ones. If you really want to take it seriously and practice as in real world, get a VFR sectional chart and an airport/facility directory. Real-world flight schools still require that students get proficient in the old school way.

My iPad died one time on a flight from NC to IL. I was glad I had the physical chart.

Edit: You asked about ILS. Those are in the same apps, and physically in the FAA terminal procedures publication.

Thank you for the replies. Writing them down is a good idea, but the reason I was asking also is because some of the airports in the sim, don’t have them listed. I was hoping with this version, it would eliminate the need for third party software!

You have a point here, I think that’s a missing feature, is was super intuitive and helpful to have that navmap when flying in the sim.
It was also easy to see where and look for near airports.

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