Chicago Midway Airport

Chicago Midway has not been working and gives constant CTD"S when I load in. I have had to uninstall it because it is not usable. It is 3rd party content but should work if you allow it to be sold on your platform. I also can’t fly my Concord, as it CTDs before every departure. I just want working products after I have worked to buy your product. Please respond with answers to fix these issues.
Chicago Midway is a DRZEWIECKI DESIGN. I bought it long before the sale. I’m on the series x and will will I get my DC6 back?

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Same here for me on the Xbox Series X . I have had it in the bin for 4 months . Contacted the developer and he said it’s out of his hands as he can’t test his products outside of the Xbox realm . I would stay away from it until it gets resolved if ever . He did try the last update on Midway to make it work and it did for a short while and is a very good developer. But I agree , these should be removed from the marketplace as they are not working at all .

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