Choice of SID and STAR

If in a flight plan, it is not possible to find either the first SID and /or the last STAR, what have I to do ? Have I to click “INSERT” ?

Once you have selected your departure and arrival airports there is a drop down on the left under your aircraft selection where you can select a VFR or IFR flight plan. Once you select one of the IFR options you will have a new drop down box under the airports where you can select your departure SID and arrival STAR.

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I thank you.

I 've seen the topo. If for exemple on a path EGLL-LFPG, the flight plan gives me a STAR named: BIBA8W.That STAR doesn’t exist in the listing of STARS which are given with the runway of landing at LFPG, 27 L. I can take another STAR served by that runway at LFPG ?

The beauty of a simulator is that you can chose any STAR you want. :slight_smile:

The STARS for LFPG are based on the direction you are approaching the airport from. Coming from EGLL you are going to get one of the BIBAX STARS. If you are landing 26L/R or 27L/R it would be the BIBA9W for a jet. 8L/R or 9L/R get the BIBA9E. The ends of those STARS are radar vectors to the final approach course.

If you use the in-game ATC it will follow whatever STAR you chose in the flight planner. Usually. What usually messes things up is that ATC assigns you a different runway than what you were expecting.

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