Choose what you share the sky with in multiplayer

Some way of maintaining the realism for the player’s chosen environment, perhaps via an optional list of chosen aircraft types, eras etc, that they would be able to see.

For example, if WW2 era aircraft is your bag, then this would provide an option for “hiding” present day airliners, or if you prefer flying present day airliners, the ability to “hide” fantasy aircraft like a Millennium Falcon or Tie Fighter.

This facility would be optional, so the user would still be able to see every aircraft, if they choose to.

Hi @HawkMoth9135, I’ve found another similar wishlist topic. Does this cover your request?

Not really.

Having just read a post where someone is considering a broomstick addon, it struck me that although i wouldn’t want to prevent that, i wouldn’t necessarily wish to see flights of Harry Potters flying alongside my A320 or B737.

The one you linked appears to be more about historical scenery.

Actually a good idea to filter multiplayer aircraft by type/era, so you got my vote on this :slight_smile:

It would probably require an entirely new category for all aircraft. But who enforces it, or rather how?

Someone has to create the categories, and plane makers have to abide by that.

And what if someone decides they want to be a pain, and re-labels their F18 as WW2 rather than Modern?

If it’s enforced by the sim, plane makers have to abide by their categories, or they may not even appear.

This will never be as simple as a list, as it seems like there are too many ways to either stop it from working, or make it fail in unexpected ways.

What if each user was able to categorise aircraft in the way they wish and those categorisations stored against that user’s account? That way, it wouldn’t matter how other people categorise their aircraft and as it would be an optional feature, people who don’t want to use it would be able to just ignore it.

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That would work, but the list would end up having to include all first, and third person products. A rapidly expanding list. It leads to the question: How do I filter out an aircraft I’ve never seen before? What is its designation, so I can add it to my list of planes I don’t want?

And if you exclude it does it essentially stop that other person from even appearing? By not owning a plane, you still don’t see something like the Darkstar, but a plane with the tag DARK still appears, subbed out as something else.

For the list to really work as intended, the player themselves would need to be hidden somehow.

It certainly wouldn’t be an easy problem to solve and it might even be impossible, but that’s the benefit of users being able to just specify what they want it to do, without too much consideration for how. If this gets enough votes, that will be the challenge for the devs.

I spent enough time in IT being on the “receiving end” of potentially unreasonable requests, so it’s nice to be able to “get my own back”. :stuck_out_tongue:

The overall objective would be to allow more control for pilots to determine their own environment and increase their level of immersion.

It’s also not a simple binary, gamers vs simmers argument, as on some days I might prefer to fly a dropship or even a broomstick and might want to hide WW2 or even older aircraft from the skies. Alternatively, i might want to fly Concorde across the pond or an A320 from London to Athens and wouldn’t want to see fantasy or other anachronistic aircraft.

Turning multiplayer off would be an option, but that would reduce immersion as I then wouldn’t be able to see any other pilots at all.

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