Choppy animations when viewed from a distance?

Why are the animations on the different animals,birds,workers and windfarms so choppy when viewed from distance? when im close they are smooth, but far away they are very choppy and stuttery.

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Well at least it’s not the other way around :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps it’s a performance optimization. Lord knows the sim needs an awful lot of those…

Thats why we need a slider to increase animation drawdistance. I have a powerfull pc and i want the best.

If there’s a wishlist item for that, send me a link and I’ll upvote it.

Just upvote this topic.

I would if I thought it was a bug and if it was in proper bug reporting format. Otherwise these things tend to get ignored even more.

Bumping this again

This is not a bug. At longer distances, animations play at a lower frame rate for performance optimisation reasons. This is explained in the SDK documentation. I think the distance at which they switch to a lower frame rate is controlled by the Objects LOD slider but I’m not completely sure.

In that case the distance is waaay to short. Even at my object lod settings at max.

I don’t disagree, but this request belongs more to the Wishlist section.