Cirrus SR22 leaning

I installed the Garmin modification from marketplace and when I try to lean the engine, it does specify my GPH lowers. Does this mean that leaning with the SR22 actually does something now, or does the mod just estimate fuel usage, but the engine itself still runs rich?

I’ve noticed it also affects actual engine performance. Did Asobo finally implement leaning into the SR22 or was it the mod?

i will not touch the SR22 even with a long pole, as long as basic functions like the GCU keybaord do not work.

I haven’t flown the Cirrus recently, but I’m flying the Bonanza (my love from real life flying), using the latest mod of the NXi. Leaning now works in terms of fuel consumption, yes. What I don’t see is the impact on engine behaviour yet (performance, sound etc), I guess that’s still to come.

If the plane wasn’t DLC locked, someone likely would have modded that already. It’s one of the defining features of that plane.

Sadly, unless a 3rd party makes an SR22, it’s highly unlikely whis will be added to the stock plane. And by “stock”, I mean a Microsobo plane, even though it’s part of their DLC.

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But they have time for development of the Junker ! this really makes me angry.

I’d gladly pay for a 3rd party SR22T (would love that turbo variant) with a fully working cockpit. Assuming it was a good all-around plane, of course.


Not only you. I would pay a lot for a study level SR22 like torquesim quality in xp.
Looks like in SU6 no significant impeovement for the SR22 (beta currently)

The SR-22 received tweaks to match POH Performance so it does fly and perform like the 180 kt, 310 HP aircraft it’s supposed to be.

That was the Topic Author’s question.

Other off-topic responses here are asking about the avionics. Working Title Team did openly state in the September Dev Q&A that they are the “strike team” Jorg alluded to earlier that will improve the Premium and Deluxe aircraft. We’ll all have to wait and see what they plan to do, but given what Matt and WT crew have done so far with CJ4 and NXi, I have no doubt personally it’s going to be good.

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Thanks. But where is this in the release notes!
WT is good no question. It was announced that they will do the 747 and 787 first next year. Take into account the complexity of a 747, so improving the next aircrafts from WT we will have to wait a looooong time. Also they stated that they need to re-write the cj4 from scratch before the patch can be native in the sim.

Hearing the WT guys have been assigned something is probably the best news to ever come out of any Q&A. So far, their reputation is spotless and I have full confidence that anything they’re working on is going to be great.

Release notes - look under Planes.

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