Cirrus SR22 List of Issues

The SR-22 already has a long range as far as single props go.

So, typically, in that situation, if you were ferrying a single engine GA plane, a lot of times, a temporary fuel bladder would be installed in back. We can’t do that with the SR22 in this game because it’s locked since it’s a premium plane.

I do believe, however, under Assistance in the options, there is an “auto-fuel” option. Or, mid-flight, you could access the fuel form at the top of the screen and add more fuel (I think that works while you fly). Technically, neither of these are cheating, since, in reality, you would have had as much fuel as you needed to cross, or you wouldn’t have gone.

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Agreed, please make some changes on the SR22 and please make a working keyboard…

Did it get answered by any chance?

few updates later…

Trim indication on sideyoke is still broken

Nope. They didn’t answer the question about unlocking the .fsarchive files. The premium deluxe planes are still encrypted.


to adjust the baro setting you have to use the back up instrument…they have improperly make confusion between g1000 and back up altimeter… at least until at last time i have play

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Wow this plane is complete garbage. It’s totally worthless. Baro set to like 28.00 as default so you have to crank it for 5 min and then once you’re airborne the autopilot is useless. A completely disappointment

What are you even talking about? I have been flying it with AP with no major issues.

My AP won’t enter nav mode at all.

Mine surely works. What is your CDI set to?

Have it set to FMS and it just flies in whatever heading I’m flying prior to turning on.

I haven’t had this at all. Mine follows the route perfectly. However, I haven’t flown it since NA update. Perhaps something has changed. I will fly it sometime today and let you know what I find.

Interesting and thanks. I’m quite perplexed with what’s going on. I do have the Bravo flight quadrant, so perhaps this could be the culprit? That said, I believe I was having the same issue prior to using it.

So I am currently flying it over Scotland… No issues with NAV or otherwise. AP is climbing to cruise with no issues and following GPS. Just like many times I have flown it before. So something is definitely up on your end.

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As you can see on the G1000 display, all looks well.

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Thanks for the update. I’m guessing it may have something to do with my Bravo. It’s caused issues elsewhere as well.

No worries. I just successfully landed. It followed my LOC approach perfectly and I hand-flew the final to Stornoway.

I’m gradually working my way through the aircraft, and have now arrived at the Cirrus SR22.

Started OK, then I made the mistake of clicking on FP in the G1000. From there on, everything except the bacic functions/gauges started siezing up, so no AP, no map (even the VFR map froze), no radio tuning etc. Pitot heater was on at the button, but told me it was off on the screen.

Absolute disaster. Worst flight ever.

Other users don’t seem to have had this happen so I’ll investigate in case one of my settings/add-ons caused the problem. If not, I think I’ll just abandon it and move on to the next aircraft.

I’d suggest trying to remove other mods except the Working Title G1000 and trying it again. I’ve been flying the Cirrus quite a bit over the last few months, and overall, I like it. To date, I haven’t noticed the problem you described being unique to the Cirrus. I’ve had random freeze and CTD issues over the last month (since the USA update), but the Cirrus doesn’t seem to be the culprit. I’ve had similar issues in the DA62.

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