Citation CJ4 AP alt button stuck in "on" position

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What I mean was if I was playing something like GTAV, especially since it uses a controller, and I was used to driving cars and got into a plane or a helicopter for the first time, I would try the same things to make it go as I learned from a car. And in that case, it would work because the designers made all vehicles operate the same way. Probably because it’s easier for them to code it that way and because they know a lot of people will use a controller and there are limited control options. While playing a game like that I would “assume” things because I know it’s not a serious attempt at deep systems simulation.

But in a flight simulator (and I have a long history of using flight simulators) virtually all aircraft have some degree of systems simulation and to a greater or lesser degree try to mimic the real world aircraft that they are based on. Payware aircraft especially make it a selling point that they have good systems simulation. Logically then, I would not assume all planes work the same way just as I would not assume that in the real world.

While the post you cited seems to indicate that most people classify MSFS as a game, to me it certainly doesn’t feel the same as GTAV in that I would assume all the planes are identical but that’s my question. I automatically and unconciously make the assumption that I have to learn each plane individually. And I’m honestly curious what unconscious assumptions others are making that do the opposite. That’s what I mean by “mindset”. What is the state of your mind when playing?

Thanks for clarifying. I don’t think it doesn’t classify as a game just because it doesn’t feel the same as another specific title.

My state of mind is exactly the same as yours, I assume that I will have to learn each aircraft which each have their own unique systems. Which is why I came to the forums with a question pertaining to the systems of the specific aircraft I am learning to fly. I did not assume that the CJ4 systems work exactly like any other aircraft.