Citation CJ4 PFD

Hi all, been trying to find the answer but really can’t and is it possible to have time to next waypoint shown on PFD in the CJ4? It says nautical miles but not time and time has helped me a lot in other planes with knowing when to descend using vertical speed. Thanks.

on MFD it shows you the time till next waypoint and destination

On my MFD I have the following
TRK 010
66.5 NM

The -1:04 looks like this should be the time to next waypoint but it’s not behaving as such counting down accordingly or maybe I’m missing something obvious?)

i am using Workingtitle Mod CJ4

Ok thanks. I’ll have to install that as without it’s not showing the time. Thanks for your help.

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yes this mod is a complete must have!
Have a look into Guides section too!!!

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Ok cheers :+1:

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