Citation CJ4 - Unable to select items within lower / upper menus

I downloaded v0.12.7 and everything seems to work, except I am unable to select any of the items within the menus. I saw a video on youtube, where clicking on the inner knob located on the titled panel allows the selection of various items, including starting the Checklist. I can’t start the Checklist, for example, or select any of the items from the 2 menus in the PFD and MFD. What am I supposed to click / press? See, images below >>

May I suggest checking out the Working Title Discord CJ4 channel for tips.

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I am not sure what the image is supposed to tell me… there’s no explanation of what a suggested solution is. I did click / press every possible knob and button on this plane and the selection of the items within the upper / lower menus remains unresolved. A couple of YouTube videos show that the knob on the tilted panel has a “push” feature, although when I place the cursor on that knob all I can do is rotate the inner and inside knobs, while a mouse left / right click does absolutely nothing. Since this model is still ‘under development’, I wonder if this is a known issue that may / may not occur?

Push/Select knob
for me the rotary knob move the cursor between menu voices, pushing it select/confirm the items.

Yeah, that’s how it should work… I’ll try to delete and reinstall the CRJ4, thanks for your response!

I had a similar issue (the Lower and Upper Menu buttons wouldn’t do anything) but resolved it by disabling the Working Title G3000 addon. Perhaps it’s the same issue or another addon conflicting.

If you’re using the Lock control method introduced in SU5, you need to hold down the right mouse button, then click with the left.


It was the Lock control, thank you guys for your feedback