Citation Longitude -100% trim, issue at Startup

HI All
Just sharing a recent issue I (and a workaround) had, this morning on the Cessna Longitude, whether spawning direct on a runway or setting up from cold and dark . The trim goes to -100% (by checking external view) so trying to take off would not be a good idea, also my two assigned buttons for Trim up/down would not work, also moving the mouse, to view the cockpit I could hear the clicking, and it affects the trim.
I use X box S with Trustmaster TCA Boeing two throttle quadrants set up for Citation. Everthing else works fine.
Anyone else had this issue ? would love to hear how you resolved the problem, if you did.
My workaround was assigning one of the slider thrust up/down buttons on the TCA to
*Control Trimming Surfaces, Elevator Trim Axis (-100 to 100%)
and retained the assigned keys for Trim nose up and down.
Following that assignment, I was then able to adjust the trim, using the slider suitable for take-off.
That worked for me. Just sharing that experience, getting feedback before logging a possible bug.

Is this the newly released Beta version of the Longitude, or the current stock model?

Current stock version

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