Citation Longitude "Inert Sep" warning

Whenever I turn the anti-ice on on the Cessna Citation Longitude, the INERT SEP warning appears on the screen. However, I do need the anti-ice on both engines as there’s considerable icing at where I fly. I also have not found any switch or lever to handle the inertial separator. So what do I do? Can the Longitude fly just fine with this warning message? Or does it cause some harm in the long run?

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I think this is a bug in the G3000 avionics, maybe? AFAIK the inertial separator is something that turboprops have, but turbofans do not, and it’s just showing that in response to the engine anti-ice being switched on (which controls inertial separator in the TBM 930). Engine anti-ice on the Citation’s turbofan engines should, I think, be a heater to prevent ice build-up on the air inlets, and should not have the same affects on engine performance that the TBM’s inertial separator does.

However I don’t have a POH for the Citation Longitude, so I might be wrong. :wink:


Thanks. I decided not to give a ■■■■. Been in the air for 1.5 hours now, without problems. So I think I won’t be bothered with that error message. :slight_smile:

Edit: That censored word is not the f-word. It’s the ending of “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a”. :slight_smile: (Didn’t know it’s also censored here.)

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I only fly the Longitude exclusively, so I too noticed this INERT SEP caution on the PFD ever since SU6. It’s amusing, inasmuch as the Longitude doesn’t have one, but I notice no impact on performance, so it’s a big shoulder shrug for me.

I don’t know whether this message is correct or not for the Longitude IRL, but what I do know is that it the way it works in the sim is that engine de-ice = inertial separator. So if you enable engine de-ice, that warning shows up. Turn off engine de-ice, and it goes away.

It’s possible that it’s a hard-coded value in the G3000 that was originally built for the TBM, which does have the inertial separator, and was never changed over when they adapted it for the G5000 in the Longitude. Meaning that it should show an engine de-ice warning, but instead shows inertial separator.

Either way though, it’s not an issue. As long as you know what it means, it’s all good.

Since the inertial separator was designed to reduce the chance of “FOD” from getting into the engine compressors maybe our Longitude programmer decided it would be fun to warn us armchair pilots that the de-Icer may introduce Ice FOD into the engine so it may be prudent to turn on the warning? I bet the programmer is smiling right now.

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Interestingly this bug first came up a loooong time ago. Still not fixed.

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So yeah, it turned out to be harmless. Nothing happens with that message on the PFD so I’ll just ignore it from now on.

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