Citation Longitude Instrument Bugs

Noted a few bugs with the instruments on the Citation Longitude:

  1. After building a flight plan in the FS Opening Screen, when the Sim starts, the Nautical Miles in the Garmin Flight Plan in the aircraft can be way different. Example: Setup a flight from Centennial Airport in Denver to Seattle (no waypoints). The mileage was 891nm. But in the Flight Plan on the aircraft (in Garmin), it reflected the distance as 358nm??? Been seeing differences in many flight plans.
  2. In the Garmin center screen, the wind indicator does not properly indicate wind speed over 2 digits. At 100 or more, the reading is chopped.
  3. In the Garmin left screen, you can remove (turn off) the AOA and wind indicator via the PDF. Why can’t the small (redundant) map be removed also via this method?
    Tks, MIKE

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