Citation Longitude Speed Control and L CRS

Question #1) Flying the Longitude, I cannot set or use the SPD control. It allows me to set IAS or Mach, but won’t let me adjust the speed bug. What am I missing?

Question #2) Flying the Longitude, what is the L CRS used for? I can set R CRS and use it with a VOR, no problem.

Default Longitude or modded?

  1. Turn the Outer ring of the Speed knob to Manual
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Hi @wizardwatch,
I have moved your topic into #aircraft:jets

I was able to do that but now there is no response to moving the speed bug.
I expected to find something like a button called “auto throttle”. What am I missing now.
Thanks for your help.

Autothrottle buttons are at the throttle levers but they have an strange behavior, I find no way to utilize it for now. Also VNAV doesnt work. TOGA and FLC works not as expected (to me). HUD is disfunctional. Cabin is not modelled. A very nice and very unfinished aircraft.

Hope the devs spend a little attention to this one. There is already a long Longittude thread addressing this issues.

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Partially Incorrect. I use the auto throttle every flight. It works great.

@wizardwatch i recommend you bind a key or button to ‘toggle auto throttle’

If the speed knob worked and then stopped it’s because you accidentally moved the outer knob to ‘FMS’. Look closely


Hi mdapol, can you give us a short tutorial on how to use the AT with the Longitude.

When I activate AT it accellerate the aircraft as expectet but immediately after takeoff it throttles and the aircraft wont climb whatever I try. The only way is to take the AT off and throttle manualy.

Thank you!

I’m not at my gaming computer but I can try to do it from memory.

First, I’m using the Longitude Flight Dynamics improvement mod which improves the tune of the autothrottle.

Second, I don’t take off using autothrottle, but I know that others on the Longitude thread do. I have done it before but I like manual takeoffs better. They are more smooth to me.

I first push the TOGA button to set up the flight director. Make sure you have an altitude set. Then I take off using full power. Rotate and climb sharply to control airspeed. Stay below 250 knots. At about 1000 feet I throttle down to keep a reasonable airspeed (~220-250) and pitch around 15-20 degrees. Engage Autopilot to follow flight plan. Make sure the Speed outer knob is in manual. Turn it to 250 knots. Push my keybind for (Engage Autothrottle)?

( I forget the exact keybind name but I had two buttons bound for engage autothrottle and disengage autothrottle until I discovered that they seem to do the same thing. Now I use the same button for engage and disengage.)

Regardless, engage autothrottle and the aircraft should then moderately accelerate to 250 knots and pitch up to maintain it. Climb to preset altitude. Follow ATC or your own flight plan after that. Autothrottle should keep everything on track through cruise, descent and approach. On short final, keep your throttles low and disengage Autothrottle. Manually manage your speed until landing.

Easy peasy.

If you have further problems I suggest posting on the Longitude Flight Dynamics Improvement Mod thread where you can talk to the developer


That would be this thread:

The mod is highly recommended. @Dakfly0219 has done an amazing job with this mod, and although limited by what is possible on a premium aircraft, this mod makes a huge difference to the performance and fly-ability of the longitude

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I found them and have bound a button/ switch to them. Now the A/T works great.