City buildings, bridges and other items are missing #PC, Steam version

I just cleaned my cache because after the latest updates, MSFS was running slow and stuttering. When I rebooted the computer and MSFS, buildings, bridges and other normal scenery items were missing. For example, in NYC, the new WTC is missing, the Verrazano and GW Bridges have no detail, and in Venice, Italy, none of the landmark buildings nor the canals are showing up. Also, even landscapes, like the beautiful Sedona, which normally has golden hues, is now all green and lush…that’s just wrong!

I only run the stock version of MSFS on Steam, and before the update and cleaning the cache, all the scenery, buildings, bridges, canals, etc. were all very realistic. I ran a Steam Verification, which reported everything is ok, but obviously it isn’t.

Another clue: the Marketplace is “not available”…this is the first time this ever happened, and it’s been unavailable for several days now.

Please HELP!!! I’m missing the wonderful experience of lovely detail. Thanks everyone.,

I was flying towards Glasgow from Manchester landed in Carlisle in a Mirolight to add fuel then up again toward Glasgow about 1500 ft and noticed a number of missing windfarm turbines just black shadows on the photo scenery which didnt look good.