City scenery accuracy

The detail and accuracy of major and not so major buildings in my City (Darwin Australia) is to my mind quite extraordinary, and way better than I have been able to find almost anywhere else in the world. This is a small city of about 125000 people in a remote part of Australia. Why would the scenery be way better than say capital cities in Australia

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It depends on whether a certain city is rendered with photogrammetry. I live in Greensboro NC, which is maybe the 3rd largest city in the state. I can take the drone and follow streets I know all over the city and see shopping centers I go to, complete with store logos on the outside. There’s even a Party City with an inflatable something-or-other on the roof that must have been captured when the satellite did its fly-by. But to get an accurate representation of Charlotte, which is even bigger than our capitol, then I have to install an addon.

Thanks for that. Any idea what might prompt them to render, or not?

It ll seems a bit hit and miss in most countries. Currently the UK has only two small cities in PG, while Oz has six, all smaller ones, like my hometown, Hobart (although not all of it). The US has by far the most rendered cities, probably because of the large user base and being MS home country. Some European countries do well, some don’t, Switzerland has only one PG city.

Here’s a link to the original list of rendered cities in FS.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: photorealistic cities list

We’re kind of the lucky recipients of what is a much larger marketplace. I only know that it exists, I don’t know what they actually do with the data. But, basically, what has been explained in at least one of the Developer Q&A’s / Partner videos, is that there’s kind of a battle going on to capture the world in 3D. Smaller cities can be done faster, so they kind of get a priority. Not to mention, as a vendor, you want to claim you’ve got something to sell the other guys don’t.

Another problem is, the process takes time and I imagine is relatively expensive (?). So, if we capture 1/10th of the world at a time, you can see that pretty quickly data gets out of date by as much as 10 years or more. The newer stuff will be higher resolution because of newer technology. Etc. But, I’m pretty sure that’s it in a nutshell.