City Update 2: France Feedback

In Nantes Cheviré Bridge has a big visual bug if you look the bridge pillars!!

There´s a festival from 19th to 25th this month. So if you set date to last week instead of using realtime tents on the rockets area (south apron) disappear. Maybe there are more features but that seems to be all. Editor does not allow many more fancy things. Other things could be added like some scheduled fireworks or whatever else but you can just basically add/remove effects or objects and link them to some variables (date in this case).



I hope we see EAA Airventure Oshkosh scenery at some point as well, but they would have to add a lot more to it. It’d almost be better as photogrammetry with a few custom assets mixed in.


Doesnt install for me. The world update wont install either. I reckon the ATR file that is corupted and wont install is my problem. Full reinstall once again…

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ATR broken for me too :frowning:

For ATR issues please refer to this thread: [KNOWN ISSUE] Cannot download ATR packages from Content Manager

@archangel00777, can you please provide more info? Are you unable to “purchase” it or are you unable to press Download in the content manager?

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Thanx for another nice update, but an another update, what makes me again change all Assistance Options to my needs, because it was again vanilla. Are u Microsoft programmers never check an Update before u release it… with WU 11 and the last Dev Update i had the same problem…do a btter job before u think about MSFS 2024…


@CaseyRyback53 See here and here for further discussion & reporting.

LFPB looks great! Thanks for the update.


So, after the update, whenever I take a screenshot, it displays in the bottom right corner with a very annoying sound.

How to turn that off?

I have looked in sound, but I see no options.

I have looked in display, no options.

I fly with no HUD or anything on the screen for assistance. This screenshot sound and display confirmation are very annoying.

I fly on computer. Steam edition.

Unable to download. Having to reinstall the whole sim again due to trying every method possible.

Amiens looking nice, one of my favorite cities to visit irl.
Night in the main market area is beautiful.

I really love the Airbus A380 and A350-900 parked at Le Bourget airport. I wish it was an easter egg / hint for what to expect in 2024… :wink:

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What you are describing here is a feature in Steam, not Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can disable the screenshot notification and sound effect in your Steam settings as shown in the screenshot below.



Working just perfect for me.

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Thanks a million!

I’ll check that out. However, I am sure I had had that disabled. But Steam got updated yesterday too.

Nonetheless, I’ll check and confirm.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. You guys are the best!

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Attempt #1

So just tried to do this update…. The second I clicked on “update” my sim CTD and rebooted my computer…. ???

Attempt #2
Seemed to have installed ok this time…

The cities actually look very nice. Great to see that bridges got some attention too (they don’t have a curtain hanging under them anymore…) and the overall look of the photogrammetry seems a bit more polished than previous photogrammetry cities.

I’m still not so sure about photogrammetry and trees though; because trees in PG look very bad, the current solution is to place bigger trees over the PG ones but that makes them too big. I guess it’s the best they can do at the moment.

All in all, very nice to have this update :slight_smile:


I just wonder why these guys concentrate around the same areas, and having even mentioned South America, or Central America!
I hope they’re not afraid to fly there!


The cities are fantastic bodes well for the future - pity water textures in Nantes are broken otherwise love this update