City Update 6: Southwest Germany Feedback

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion about City Update 6: Southwest Germany.

If you have any bugs to report with the new scenery. Please create a new topic in Scenery and Airports.



normally I’d not be interested in mid to small size places in Germany, but karlsrhue is cool due to family connections back in time.


The cities listed in the release notes, are those cities that received photogrammetry, or are they just listing major cities in that area. Did, e.g. Strasbourg receive photogrammetry?

Thanks so much for this!!

Heidelberg overall looks pretty good, but I am seeing some huge water glitch and glaring terrain discontinuity following the Neckar river east just beyond the old town that definitely weren’t there before:

Any chance of this getting fixed? Seems odd to leave this in, did no one notice this? It’s right next to where there is still some photogrammetry.

EDIT: Anyone who wants to see these fixed, you can upvote this bug report:

MODERATOR EDIT: Corrected the link above to the bug report.


First time since months that the download speed is reasonable high. Thanks to Microsoft and Asobo.


I’m liking the “snappiness” of the download progress bar in content manager when it finishes downloading a file and switches to the next in queue. Something feels different.


Is anyone else experiencing weird and too big trees in Esslingen?

I think I have nothing else mod-wise that would create this “jungle”.

For those not familiar: above the VL3s nose is a castle complex with very sparse trees, it is completely hidden here.

EDIT: this is how it looks IRL


So for an optional City Update that I don’t really intend to install, why do I need a mandatory (on sim boot) update of 327MB followed by two world updates of (36MB + 2.77GB)?


Since installing the update, the sim keeps crashing, even in Safe Mode, after reaching the main menu.
I’ve disabled everything, mods, apps, overclocking, etc.
Nada, unable to use the Sim at the moment. Waiting to see if this is ‘my’ issue or anybody else is experiencing this as well.

If you haven’t, shut down your PC and turn it back on again :slight_smile: Always works for me.



As someohe who lives there, after a brief examination:

What Asobo didn’t tell uns: They did not only model the photogrammetry of the cities, but also of the surrounding areas, even down to the smallest villages. Very, very good photogrammetry I hasten to add.

Extremely impressive - I had never expected to see the drawings on the school yard of my old school, photo-realistic from tree top height. Nor the water slides in my local bath - in three dimensions.
No idea where they got the data from.

My first impression: One of the best updates ever.


Hey Ham.
Thanks for your input.
Yes I have turned off the pc a couple of times, one of them to set default BIOS settings.
It keeps crashing, I’m about to start crying out loud.

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Ah ok, sorry to hear. Not sure how to help but crossing fingers it gets resolved! :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks man!

No idea, I keep trying “things”.
But, and we should make T-Shirts with this sentence.
‘Yesterday everything was fine’


If Asobo can just get the trees correct we could really see the work they put into the update. I lived in Stuttgart and I love it.
No Fest downtown. LOL
Even with Realistic Tree Height By Aerosphere I have installed the trees are still way too big.


Yeah I think the details are quite good with this update!

Can you confirm the issue with the Esslinger Burg I am experiencing?

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I think you have found the edge of the world!
Is looks like that when PG ends

But Asobo… I LOVE YOU!!
As a huuuge Porsche fan it was anazibg to visit the porsche factory and museum again! And Stuttgart looks great too!
And the area is BIG!
So I had to fly norrh to see if the wonderful town of Besigheim was part of PG territory and… YES!! Its the last place before it ends!
Everybody needs to fly and see it and its fantastic surroundings! Its like a piece of southern france right in the middle of germany!

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Hello @BearsAreCool510,

Thanks for pointing this out. As mentioned in the OP, please post a bug report using in the Scenery and Airports section of the forums so we can log and track issues like this individually.



Have you tried REX Accuseason if you have it? You can globally downsize (or upsize lol) the trees.


No I don’t have it . I want to wait until MSFS 2024 to see if anything will change.