Civilian Cars and Trucks cutting across Taxiways

It seems like the ground traffic, not airport vehicles just regular old cars and trucks from the streets, sometimes dart across airports. I’ve seen it recently on George Bush Intercontinental and Charles De Gaulle, but occurs at other airports as well. Anybody else notice this? The ground traffic generation is kind of clunky, which I don’t mind in general since I don’t typically fly low over busy streets, but the immersion is lost when you see a whole row of cars and trucks cut you off on the taxiway.

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Happens everywhere, either turn down airport vehicles or ignore them. They are non-solid so you can just taxi through them.

Turning the traffic off seems to be the only thing to do at the moment, which sucks for immersion sake. It does ■■■■ seeing the vehicles just driving around on the taxiways like it’s a Sunday drive for them, or when you’re on final approach, there may be a vehicle driving across the runway or straight down the centerline. Hopefully it does get fixed at some point, even if they are not able to cause a collision.

True, but that’s what I’ve done. Hopefully, somewhere way off down the road, there will be a new implementation of road traffic. Until then, the roads in my virtual world are deserted.

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