CJ 4 Mod 10.2 Question on vnav

Could someone please explain the following. On the CJ4 should vnav completely
manage the decent to land or do I need to adjust the altitude on the autopilot. I thought that
when I’m on final that all you need to do is click vnav and approach buttons and then the lateral and vertical axis would be managed by the AP(granted that the altitude restrictions are entered in the FMS). Note: I do catch the glide slop but the AP doesn’t always seem to decend fast enough.

Also, has anyone else noticed with v10.02 mod that you can’t just click the ‘B’ key to set the pressure.

Thank you.

VNAV will observe the altitudes at waypoints in the FMS. You should engage VNAV before you reach the top of descent (TOD) and make sure you set the last (lowest) altitude on the approach (most of the time) or arrival. The AP will not take you lower than the altitude in the altitude selector.

Here is a tutorial I did on VNAV with the WTM - CJ4 Working Title Mod - VNAV and ILS Approach - FS2020 - YouTube

And some more VNAV info here: CJ4 Working Title Mod Tutorial - Autopilot - VNAV - Angle of Attack - FS2020 - YouTube

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Ahhh you just solved what I have been doing wrong. I’m not setting the lowest altitude on the FMS.


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When posting about third-party aircraft or mods to default aircraft, kindly post in the new Third Party Addon Discussion > Aircraft category. I have moved your post there. Thanks!

Thank you very much for the information.


I am glad you posted this because it has been confusing to me. Would it be possible to create a more specific area of the forums to discuss this project and others that exclusively focus on mods to default aircraft? I feel it is confusing to new people (and me…) to have to go into the “Third Party Addon Discussion” to learn about modifications to default aircraft.

I’m just dropping that into the suggestion box, no reply necessary. Thank you and I enjoy these forums (almost) every day.


Hi Joe,
The way I think about it is this:

  • If it came with MSFS and hasn’t been touched, then you talk about it in Default Aircraft.
  • For everything else, you talk about it in Third Party.

The same thing goes for airports, too.

Does that help?

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Yes, and thank you again.

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