CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon released

No new updates for so long :frowning:

later this year

I mean the CJ Simulations Version

Yes later this year. New product coming then Typhoon update.

Do we have a release date for the new product?
The Rafale…?

Not as yet still WIP

Hello there,

First of all, thanks @CodenameJack447 for this nifty little aircraft! I bought it a couple of hours ago and I’m already enjoying it quite a bit.

I like to test my new aircraft pretty thoroughly and I’ve got a few comments and questions already.

  • Like a lot of aircraft that use the default F18 stuff for the HUD and MFDs, the altitudes (baro and radar) are precise to the foot, they should be rounded to the 10’s instead.
  • When using NAV1 as ILS receiver, there doesn’t seem to be an option to keep the TACAN as source for DME information. Numerous airbases have a simple ILS with no DME and use the TACAN’s DME instead. It would be nice to have this option.
  • The E bracket in the MHDD’s ELEV is centered somewhere around 8° AoA, yielding speeds roughly around 160KIAS (depending on mass of course). However, the HUD’s E bracket centers around much higher values (13~15, maybe more), resulting in much lower speeds (about 30kts worth) that feel way too close to Vs for comfort and safety, not to mention the fact that the threshold tends to disappear below the nose. Why such a (huge) difference?
  • When using the A/P in ALT HOLD mode, the A/P will preset a value that is not the indicated altitude on the HUD. The logic is probably referring to the actual, physical altitude of the aircraft, regardless of the altimeter setting.

That’s all for today!


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Very nice inside and out - that forward-looking terrain MFD will be very interesting round the mach loop at midnight… :slight_smile:

m CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon released:

would there be a chance for a two seater block 5 typhoon will come to msfs 2020? :airplane: :airplane: :airplane: :airplane: :airplane:

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would there be a chance for the model of the cj typhoon to get a shoot able to be deployed. It would be also nice to have the navigation lights running as fixed lights or flashing lights.

No 2 seater planned at this time

Has the external pilot model disappeared with SU13?

Is there any news on this topic?
I have the same problem.
I fly on the XBOX Series X.
When I start a flight everything works without any problems.
After a flight time of about 1.5 hours the stuttering starts and it gets worse and worse until at some point the displays fail and you can no longer do anything.
After restarting the flight everything goes back to normal.
I only have the problems with the Eurofighter.

This is a console memory issue. Best thing to do is to reset your console cache before flight, try avoiding high detail airfields if possible as they eat memory aswell.
Unfortunately its how the sim works and not something the dev can outright cure. Having many addons increases the chance of black avionics happening as the sim loads all your addons every time you fly.
Hopefully this will be addressed by Asobo at somepoint in the future

Thank you for the info.
Is it scenery add-ons that slow everything down, or other aircraft add-ons, too?

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That would be scenery as the sim only loads the aircraft you are flying at the time.

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First of all, the CJ Eurofighter is now the aircraft I fly the most in MSFS. I think it worked really well. A few things have bothered me personally since the last two updates. The rivets on the tail fin, the fuselage and on the wings are no longer just realized through textures and are therefore far too dominant in my opinion. This also results in some display problems with existing skins, such as the rivets on the fuselage being displayed twice. The appearance of the cockpit looked more realistic to me in earlier Versions, with the wear and tear clearly visible. As of one of the latest versions, the formation lights are now permanently displayed in cyan color, which corresponds to the switched-on state. When switched off they appear yellowish, as shown in previous versions. During the day this corresponds to reality. Is it possible to realize both states using the brightness controller in MSFS? Minimum position is off (yellow formation lights)? Now to the last point. It concerns the animation of the pilot. It seemed much more believable to me in older versions than the current one, in which the pilot goes through the entire sequence without a break and repeats the same sequence over and over again relatively quickly. I don’t want my descriptions to be understood as complaining, but rather as well-intentioned suggestions to the developers of this great aircraft. They did a great job.

They indeed are still textures. (textures.common\Fuselage_Decals.png.dds) They’re achieved through decals, however. I’ve already done a more toned-down version but I’m not quite happy just yet.

Good catch! I need to look into that as well…

Yes, sure, but the texture file “Fuselage_Decals.png.dds” did not exist in earlier versions such as version 0.1.8. The rivets were only shown in the basic textures, because the skins of the earlier versions also had these rivets, but showed them much more discreetly. Now some of them are available twice for the same aircraft, which is the reason for the double representation.

Let’s see, to point out one thing since I don’t want erroneous information to be spread: The lines and screws that were previously in the base textures have been eliminated along with those of all the liveries that we include in the package (another thing is that you download a livery from a third party and has the lines still in the textures and therefore there will be duplication). What we have done is separate these lines into independent meshes to avoid pixelation. Therefore, the textures of these lines have their base texture, pbr and applied normals associated with them. Whoever wants is free to edit them as they wish. But in no case are we going to include them again in the base textures.

It is true that some users on Discord have told us that when updating the version they have found problems with mixed textures. Something that is solved by clearing the cache in options.

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