CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon released

is there a chance to install the chute on the cj typhoon

On my Xbox i wann to Engage my air Brakes i press X and I can‘t activate the Brake .


How I can activate thevspoilers ?

Its in your control options menu. Bind toggle spoilers to your airbreak button.

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I don’t know if you intended to link that video in response to my comment, but it doesn’t answer the DME hold problem, since the ILS has its own DME. I’m referring to cases where the ILS is not an ILS/DME and distance data is pulled from a TACAN.


So I was flying the eurofigther when the hud was shown on the sides i don’t know how to explain it so I uploud this screenshoot.

How I activate it or deactivate it???

you turned on the head mounted display HMD, there is a brightness dial on the bottom right around the edge of the GPRS NAV unit in the center console, you just need to turn the brightness down to turn it off

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Thank you Batterby76

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It is possible to allow pilot visibility ???
If it’s possible how i can activate it ???

You can see the pilot from the exterior and by using custom camera view inside the cockpit. But not currently by the default cockpit view as it would restrict access to many buttons. They are currently looking into solutions.
Unfortunately the developers cannot offer product supportb on these forums but you can join us in the official Discord Channel.

Due to the incorrect cockpit modelling (i know no one is allowed to get in the real cockpit and take photos and stuff) we can see too much of the area behind the HUD. In the real thing the entire HUD (device plus screen) is angled upwards towards the face of the pilot so pilots have a clear vision through the HUD onto the runway or area ahead, maybe they can see a little bit of the cockpit frame and nose. Right now some information is displayed on the covering behind the HUD. Other than that it’s a nice jet to cover some ground :grinning:

Could we get a new invite do the Discord please? The ones in this thread are outdated an I’m looking for support. Thanks!
Edit: I got invited, thanks.

I could do with some help. Flying the Typhoon down the Mach Loop in VR is very difficult because the glass of the HUD is too dark. It’s the same in 2D although slightly less noticable. Is there a way to replace the glass texture?

is there a was so i can create liveries for the eurofigther?

Hello, so yes
You need to download the Paintkit which can be found on their site:

And you will need software, like: GIMP, PAINT.NET or PHOTOSHOP

Good evening everyone, as JustFlight has confirmed to me, update 0.2.4 is now available for download. But the people who usually send you the notice via email are on vacation. Here the list of changes.

Changelog V0.2.4

  • Cockpit:

Visually enhanced all cockpit buttons (especially the MDE which previously lacked buttons). Added animations and sounds to all buttons.
Redesigned the main frames of the MHDD to give them more depth, similar to the real model.
Reviewed shaders for many components.
Increased the geometry detail of the HUD glass.
Revised ambient occlusion effects for some textures.

  • External Model:

Completely redesigned the exhaust system, modifying the visual effects of the afterburners as a result.

Corrected rudder animation.

Blended lines and rivets with the base color of the fuselage.

General revision of PBR textures for the entire model.

  • Added the ZJ913 - Typhoon 2024 Display livery.
  • Corrected the Italian Air Force 37 Stormo livery (thanks to Mario Iocca).
  • HUD: Refined the algorithm for horizon projection based on altitude.
  • Html corrections overall.

Marketplace version update expected in two weeks aproximatedly.

Best regards.


Yeah the last one was v=badddddd :frowning:

How can i remove the pilot in external view? I see from early YT reviews this was possible on earlier versions but the switch associated with that function now appears ‘Inoperative’ !

We have it disabled on purpose for the opposite reason. Many reported the opposite as a bug: that the pilot could not be seen in the external view because they were not aware that it was that same switch that disabled it.