CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon released

That’s an argument for making the manual clearer, not for disabling the option!! In fact the manual made no mention of it so hardly surprising that people may have been confused is it! Why can’t it be reinstated???

Very simple, if you receive about 500-1000 emails from users reporting as a bug that the pilot is not visible from external view and you actively and passively explain that it is not a bug but that there is a switch that enables/disables it, and even so, the problem continues to be reported as a bug… the quickest solution to the root problem is to disable it. Furthermore, the function of the switch was not precisely what you think it is, but rather being able to see the pilot inside. And in any case it was implemented after the manual for those who wanted to make videos with the pilot inside the cockpit, which is much smaller than the number of users who want to see the pilot in the external view.

Sometimes things are implemented to give more value to the product, but when something that is supposed to perform a function causes the product to be criticized as defective, it is best to discard it.

That does not mean that it will not be implemented in the future, but looking for a way to ensure that it does not benefit some to the detriment of others.


Hi @CodenameJack447,

I installed the most recent version of the Typhoon from Just Flight (v0.2.4a) and the 12 “main” MDE buttons seems to have stopped working? Is this a SU15 thing perhaps? I know the most recent update did some improvements to them (its a great update btw, especially externally!) but perhaps a bug has crept in somewhere?

Any help you could offer to try to fix them would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @swayne01, just now we have discovered the problem, it is not a bug but rather a compatibility that must be activated in the game settings:

Cockpit interaction system needs to be in “Lock mode” and not in “Legacy”.

I have always had it in Lock, and hence I did not realize that this type of buttons could have any problems while in Legacy mode.

In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to please extend this response to all those who may be having this problem.

Best regards.


Thats great, thank you for your reply. Its working perfectly now :slight_smile:

Hello everyone:

For gamepad users we have seen that you may have problems pressing the buttons if you are not in freelock mode. I’m attaching a video so you can see what it is about:

Because these buttons were static before the update and there was no problem pressing them with a gamepad, having animated them they would only work with white dot in freelook mode rather than cursor select mode. We are working to see if we can restore previous compatibility without losing these animations.

Best regards.


@CodenameJack447 Are there any plans to create the twin seater model of the Typhoon? Also, a very minor detail that I have noticed is a lack of movement in the rudder, the rudder on the real thing appears to move much further, whereas this one looks quite stiff and doesn’t seem to move very far. It is a very small detail and I am still loving the plane regardless :slight_smile:

Hello @Merrtsa, this question has already been asked on other occasions and answered:

No, it was never in the plans to make a 2-seat and hardly we’ll change our opinion. Making a 2-Seat version would require increasing the geometry to include the co-pilot cabin and elements, as well as duplicating the current digital screens, and this would greatly compromise performance. Especially on Xbox, when not only with this plane, users experience black avionics problems in combination with other mods or when passing through airports with high gpu load. If in the future it were guaranteed that these problems would not occur I would consider the possibility, but in the meantime, no.

Best regards.

Thank you for the response, that is very understandable.