CJ4 (1.9.3) autopilot oscillations

With the 1.9.3 update, the CJ4 autopilot now has the same oscillations that were present in an earlier version. AP was fixed and now the same problems have returned.

On climb after takeeoff, the nose oscillates up and down. At VRef speed during ILS approaches, the nose oscillates.

Any cruise above FL370 is unstable and cruise at any altitude with turbulence induces aircraft oscillations when AP is on. As soon as AP is switched off, oscillations stop.

I do confirm this problem since 1.9.3 upgrade…AP is unusable now.

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Same issue with the Longitude. Pitches up and down 10 degrees to the point at high altitudes of breaking the plane due to overstressing the aircraft. Absolutely unflyable with Autopilot now.

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Confirmed with CJ4 as well for v1.9.3.

I would be careful with this statement. The issue in the earlier version was that the devs removed the line of code for the AP to trim the aircraft. Because the control surfaces are so sensitive in all the aircraft, this induced oscillations. From what I’ve seen with this update, the trim is still working but not capturing. This is far more indicative of the PID issue that many people thought was the problem previously.

Bumpin because at FL400 I was bouncing around like I was on crack, can’t fly this at the moment unless you wanna hand fly your entire route

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we had the pb with the 747, did you try the VS mode trick ?
set an altitude in the AP to the expected value + 2000ft offset in order not to be triggered
keep VS mode and set a value of 0fpm when reaching your cruise alt and see if the plane is still oscillating

I can confirm the exact same problem with the Daher TBM 930, at FL290.

Yes, I tried the FL + 2000 and setting 0 VS. What matters is keeping the IAS > 220 kts. Anything below that and the AP becomes unstable. When climbing, if I manage the VS such that I can maintain 220 kias or greater, I can avoid the oscillations at FL380 to 450.

However, at FL450 you are already closed to 220 kias at cruise and all it takes is a small wind shift to initiate the oscillations. I agree with the prior post that this seems to be a PID issue.

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Maybe the AP code is shared between planes to a very large extent. Feels like someone is just randomly changing parameters or fudging values with random coefficients and hoping it improve things across the board, but the numbers only are appropriate for planes of a certain weight, elevator authority, etc…

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Where’s the hotfix for this? For me the sim is not usable anymore after the last patch.

Probably its a good idea to give Asobo time to get things sorted out and just to wait a couple of months before having fun with FS2020 again. Sad.


The problem with that is if too many of us ‘dedicated’ simmers put it aside, they won’t be getting the barrage of bug reporting we’ve been doing for free! lol.

The autopilot is definetly broken after patch#3. 747 is flying up and down again and the 320 is swaying left and right. Not to mention the AI Copilot can’t fly the flightplan but just a stright line now…

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Everyone keeps saying oh give them time to work out the bugs. It is perfectly acceptable with a new simulator. That’s BS! No other flight sim program got released with these kinds of bugs. Basic aircraft systems should work at launch! Completely unacceptable and its getting old with each new patch more and more of the ■■■■ game gets broke!

Whats worse is that Asobo/MS keep claiming they have fixed issues but magically they keep affecting users!

Wake up Asobo, we know you have deadlines but releasing something broken like this is a shame…

Yeah, I agree with you guys. This is annoying AF! The AP was working fine before the silly “Japan” update… now the planes bounce around on a trampoline above FL320.


And, for god sake… please remove that silly Japan photo on load. Sheez. Alright already! It’s not that big of deal at all. It’s not even a photo that shows photo scenery. Its autogen! LOL.

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