Cj4 avionics

I have flown mostly Cessna 172 and Beech Baron, then decided to try the CJ4. To my surprise the avionics stays blank even though I’m starting with engines running on a runway… I had the working title mod and thought this was the problem so I deleted it…
Isn’t the stock CJ4 avionics supposed to be on when starting on a runway, as opposed to a cold start?
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Are you saying the switches aren’t on, so you need to turn them on? Or you are saying everything is on and screens are blank?

If it’s the latter, that is usually due to a conflicting livery or mod.

Everything is on, engines running, avionics blank… Since I do not have the CJ$ mod anymore i’ll look into liveries presence

Definitely add back the WT CJ4 mod and their G3000 mod after you have it sorted. It’s a great plane with lots of features. Although I needed a lot of YouTube training to learn it properly.

There’s a great video with the Filbert Flys YouTube channel where the Working Title developer flies along answering questions.

Thanks I’ll try it sincce I do not have any CJ4 liveries besides those which came with the stock plane

Not sure why I said G3000 in my post. The CJ4 doesn’t use the G3000, it has its own integrated avionics system, so ignore that comment.

you have an incoreect livery!!!
Try with default livery and WT CJ4 mod and it will function!

I think you may have the Avionics switch in dispatch mode (Switch down) not ON (Switch up) Dispatch mode is used before start, when you set up the FMS, and get IFR clearance, to save battery.

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I have only one livery, the one from the stock CJ4

and the Avionics switch is on

I know its boring always hearing this question but have you disabled the Community Folder while troubleshooting this? To make absolutely sure that no mods might be affecting anything.

I fly the CJ4 and yes when you start engines the screens should come on.

If nothing works then remove the CJ4 using the content manager and then download a fresh copy.

That is what I did already… but that’s OK I will continue to try to find a solution

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