CJ4 Cabin Lights Not Operating

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I’ve selected Index > Settings > Cabin Lights > ON or DIM and the cabin lighting remains dark.
(Is there another switch/control that needs to be set to make these come on?)

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Power on aircraft. Attempt to set Cabin Lights to On or Dim

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Did you try it with an empty community folder?
Maybe there is a mod conflict at play here.

Huh ? There is no SETTINGS menu under INDEX.

Try page two of Index.

Continuing the discussion from Sim Update 13 Beta Release Notes [] - August 9, 2023:

Nothing in Community folder.

No Marketplace content installed other than WUs, CUs, Top Gun and Red Bull.

Oh ! Its the Beta. I missed that part. My bad.


See the issue now too. What a bummer.
We will log this as a bug. Thank you.

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This has been fixed with the full release of

Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now