CJ4 - Erratic Indications on the PFD in Turbulence (windspeed and airspeed)

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Citation CJ4

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When the aircraft is in turbulence, the following effects are seen:

  1. The wind-value next to the HSI changes too rapidly to be readable
  2. When the aircraft is in FLC and the speed bug is visible, the bug is bouncing around erratically compared to the airspeed tape (which is filtered to be more stable)

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Fly in FLC in turbulent wind

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This is not a CJ4 isolated issue, its just how the gusts/turbulence work in the sim. This can happen IRL too, seen it on a lot of cockpit videos - although it seems to happen pretty often in msfs. I’d recommend flying with turbulence on medium to mitigate this.

I’m not talking about the gust effect on the aircraft, I’m talking about the aircraft avionics having unreadable wind readings because it’s changing too rapidly, as well as the speed bug that seems to be jumping around on the speed tape.

Modern aircraft use input filtering to ensure that the value is stable enough to readable. E.g wind values being averaged over 30 seconds.

I’ve seen several videos of a320/a319 cockpit videos and often the wind readings can be erratic like we see in the sim. Sure other avionics might filter it, but this was just one example of a real life plane not smoothing it. https://youtu.be/0YLQiKJKt2E?t=840 , found a quick small example here, although its the direction here and not the wind speed that is erratic in this case. On “realistic” turbulence i find the windspeed readings to be a bit too dramatic when this happens. Im gonna stick with what i said and say, this is the atmospheric model showing some issues in certain conditions i guess - only way to really “fix” it is to dial down the turbulence setting.

Looking closer, it looks like you have DLSS anti aliasing on perhaps? If this is the case, this is why it would appear “unreadable” for you.

Correct: I do have DLSS on. But that’s a principle in human factors IRL: any number that changes too fast is considered unreadable.

There are two problems I’m bringing up here:

  1. The speed bug bouncing around
    Simply put: During turbulent conditions, the airspeed tape moves up and down in a manner consistent with wind changing rapidly. However, the bug moves up and down much more rapidly. If I take a snapshot of the bug at any point in time, it’s unlikely that its current position will be the correct position on the speed tape at any point in time. In other words: The bug moves independently of the speed tape in turbulent conditions. This is a deficiency in the speed tape drawing logic, and “dialing down the turbulence setting” is a workaround.

  2. The windspeed changes too rapidly to be readable
    I concede that the A320 video you linked shows the wind direction changing rapidly (Human Factors concession would be that the wind direction is shown with an arrow and the magnitude is low, despite the rapidly changing number being distracting). However, the overall magnitude of the wind vector appears to fluctuate within 1 knot. The turbulence I showed in the CJ4 shows a fluctuation of 10-15 knots.
    For context: I’ve taken a video of myself in an SR22 kicking it into a slip during cruise to see the wind filtering. My observation was that the G1000 generally filters over the course of 30 seconds. (though I can’t share it so I don’t doxx myself with the registration visible)

I would also argue that, although it’s not a regulation, a widspeed value that changes this rapidly doesn’t really follow the intent of AC 25-11:
Although this is a bit of a stretch, I think the intent of this statement also applies: