CJ4 FMS Issue (PC) - MS Store

Just upgraded to and the CJ4 will not follow the FMS when programmed with a routine/normal From and To airport destination. The plane sort of follows the flight plan, but is typically about 10 miles west of the designated route.

In addition, when I selected a runway for approach, the plane would not follow the proper route and I had to apply the heading indicator in auto-pilot mode or fly the plane manually. This will be a major challenge when attempting an ILS approach in poor weather.

You should fly the WT CJ4.


Where is the WT CJ4? I also noticed other private jets are now missing.

I haven’t had any issues with the CRJ since the update. Had a flight this morning from KDAB to KCLT with an ILS to Rwy 23 and everything was normal.

That said, I also highly recommend the Working Title CJ4. You can get it here: https://www.workingtitle.aero/packages/cj4/

EDIT: When I first read the original post I misinterpreted it to be about the CRJ. Hence the first part of my reply. Mea culpa.

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I tired several different flight plans, and none of them worked. It was working nicely before the last upgrade, and now I cannot even get the vertical speed control turned off on my approaches.

This is ■■■■■


You need to download it and place the folder in your Community folder.

As in download the WTCJ4 program.
Unzip it.
Place the unzipped folder in your Community folder.

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do read the page on github , about the FMC and other quirks , but it’s a great MOD.

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It’s a great mod actually but since update5 they are effectively warnings about some bugs they did not worked out so far. Main one is that after being locked on localizer you have to manually manage the short final. B/C does not work anymore.
Other bugs it seems with WT CJ4 : (Since last U5/U6)
Impossible to get the Navigraph maps
No more Weather/TFC on PFD and EICAS
No lower and upper file on on EICAS
No ET on PFD
and so on.

I am enjoying the CJ4 mod, and I confirmed you have to fly manually on final with localizer issues. I also noticed ATC is erratic, not much traffic (seen), but the FMS is solid along with cabin lighting.