CJ4 FMS waypoints are not unique

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The same waypoint may occur multiple times in a flight plan, e. g. as part of the arrival, but also as part of the missed approach procedure. If you create a hold at such waypoint, the hold will be created at the first occurrence of that waypoint in the flight plan, even if you LSK’ed the waypoint from the missed approach section of the flight plan and would expect the hold to be created at the waypoint within the missed approach procedure, not at the first occurrence of that waypoint in the arrival part.

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Create a flight plan in the FMS with LSZH as destination. Choose the TRA 2A arrival which ends at AMIKI. Choose any approach with AMIKI as missed approach holding fix, e. g. ILS or LOC RWY 14.
Observe that while the AMIKI fix is part of the missed approach procedure, there is no holding defined there by default. Use IDX->HOLD to create a new hold. Scroll through the flight plan and choose the AMIKI fix from the missed approach procedure. Create the hold. Go back to the flight plan and find the hold created at the AMIKI fix of the TRA 2A arrival (i. e. the first occurence of the AMIKI fix in the flight plan), rather than at the AMIKI fix of the missed approach procedure as was intended.

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