CJ4 glass cockpit impossible to see clearly when it's bright outside - any fix?

When it’s bright outside, the CJ4 glass cockpit visually looks very dim and washed out and it’s impossible to read. I can only fly the CJ4 at night, which is disappointing. I want to skim the cloud tops in the daytime. So I’ve been told that Asobo deliberately added this feature, washed-out instruments, as “realism”. Is this true and is there a way to turn it off?

It’s always been fine for me; is it specifically dimmer than other aircraft, or the same? ISTR there are brightness controls in the cockpit; have you attempted to adjust these?

@Vibstronium The Cessna 172 (G1000) has the same feature, but it’s still possible to read it. The washed-out nature of the CJ4 is much worse (legibility is zero except when zoomed up to it). The brightness control doesn’t change the appearance of the instruments. They are perfectly legible at night or when zoomed in. But when it’s bright outside, in any view of the cockpit that includes both the bright outside and the instrument panel, the instruments are very low-contrast and dim.

I’m told Asobo thinks this is realism, because when it’s bright outside your eyes need to adjust and it makes it a LITTLE harder to read instruments. But in real-life (TRUE realism) you can still read them, while it’s utterly impossible in the sim. I don’t know if this is really what’s going on or if there’s a way to turn it off. Maybe turning off reflection effects?

I don’t think it’s Asobo’s realism – it sounds like you’re just encountering the bug where the brightness control on the glass displays gets stuck at minimum brightness sometimes. :slight_smile: Normally it does not look illegible when there is sunlight.

This isn’t something I encounter generally so I don’t know what the recommended workaround is, but if you search the forums you should find some recommendations.

I had that issue with G1000. Removing the GPS mods, launching the sim and aircraft, and then placing them again and relaunching the sim solved it for me completely.

@Vibstronium Here’s why I think something is up beyond the screen brightness setting.

Zoom forward a little and pan down so you can only see the glass and yoke area. The screen will be clear. Then with the mouse pull back a little and pan upward gradually. As the sky comes into view through the window the glass will get washed out and low contrast. No change other than the sky coming into view.

The same thing happens in the G1000 on the Cessna 172 and in that case it’s even easier to demonstrate because the cockpit is smaller and the you can quickly turn toward and away from bright areas. Except on the 172 it doesn’t get so washed out that I can’t read it.

@Severeeno What are the “GPS mods”?

It’s a deliberated “feature” from Asobo. Hate it too. Nothing you can do AFAIK.

That’s because Asobo decided to simulate the behavior of a camera instead of the human eye.

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Both a camera and human eye work with the same physics though. Our brain just does the compensation automatically so we don’t notice it, unless you come inside after spending some time in a bright sunlight for example.

I don’t have a HDR monitor, but I would guess having one might make a difference here?

The human eye is different in a couple of ways. It has a much higher dynamic range. And eyes can look down at the instruments and move the sky into the periphery.

I believe Asobo is also processing the image so it looks nice and realistic as a photo, the way a photographer would tweak the curves. The imagery is beautiful, no question. It’s just that this tweaking reduces the contrast.

I doubt an HDR monitor would help, and in any case the fundamental problem is that Asobo reduces the contrast of the instruments… the solution is to not reduce the contrast. It would then work on any monitor.


I experienced the same problem a while ago whilst turning onto approach. To help I now turn up the brightness of the internal lighting using the knob on the pedastal