CJ4 stearing

hey all.
just wanted to ask about stearing the cj4
I find it hit and miss…some times I can stear it and some times not.
just did a flight ils. and upon landing on runway, I was not able to stear the plane off the runway…
has anyone had this?

I’ve never had a problem in steering the CJ4.

I use flight stick twist. Not pedals.

I don’t have pedals either…use flight stick…
very strange…

I use an Xbox controller. I’ve noticed it steers fine at low taxi speeds, but not if you are “Fast taxiing,” so to speak. What is your ground speed?

very slow…going from stand still and start to taxi. my tail fin does move but no stearing…
if i remember correctly it happens more when I do ILS landing

Can’t say that I’ve experienced this. Hopefully someone else has some ideas. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try emptying your community folder and giving it a go to see if it’s a mod conflict.