CJ4 unable to fine select 100;s on altitude dial after last update

Just tried flight in CJ4 (latest mod) and was unable to fine tune altitude. Befroe update I could use left mouse button and pull away from the ALT dial and it would allow selection of increments of 100. Now only 1000. Same with FLC speeds on climbout. I emptied community folder before I loaded the update. I then returned the items to the community folder. Flying this jet without the mod would be a joke. The mod has progressed to the point of making the CJ4 close to study level. Needs to be addressed. This has been an ongoing problem with all the stock aircraft. The dials for heading/altitude/airspeed do not allow fine tunting. 10 degree headings and 1000 ft altitudes may be fine for 8 year old gamers but for serious users it is unacceptable. This should not be an issue that needs addressing by the mod communmity. ASOBO should fix this once and for all for all stock planes.

Same issue. Sim Update 3 and WT v0.11.1 installed.

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No issue with the mod

same here, old bug reappeared