CJ4 v0.9.1 Black Screens


Thanks for this mod, really love it!
I have an issue that I read in forums happens more often also with other aircraft, the displays are/stay completely black. For me it is only on the cj4 (emptied the complete community folder expect the v0.9.1 mod and it persisted) and when I use the stock cj4 it is fine.
I searched forums a lot and after a lot of testing found at least a workaround:

if I remove the Asobo-vcockpits-instruments and Asobo-vcockpits-instruments-cj4 folders before starting msfs and have them downloaded again all is well for one session. If I restart msfs the issue is back. Is somehow data stored in one of the files in those folders and does anybody know a way to get rid of this issue?



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Same thing, screen totally black no avionics. Been all over the web and this forum but to no avail unable to find solution. On other planes sometimes it has to do with the battery going dead but could not find apu/ battery/ generator switches?

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Okay found out a bit more. I also had a similar problem with other planes. E.g. default Cessna 152 with analogue cockpit had the radios off (here you can just turn them on with the small knobs on them) and the JBM VL-3 also had the displays off. I noticed here that switchingthe avionics master on/off you could see the (simulated) display backlight go on and off. So I have the feeling that it must have something todo with the default brightness state or similar.
I then tried the same workaround but this time threw away all asobo-vcockpits-instruments* folders. That helped and these changes are even persistent over msfs restarts, so I have all cockpits except the modded CJ4 working again. For the CJ4 it only works one time, but it is not persisted so I always to throw away these folders (at least the generic and CJ4 folder). At least I know how to fix workaround this but would be nice if this would get fixes (msfs I mean, not the mod).

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