CJ4 Working Title update for Xbox?

Is the Working Title update for the CJ4 going to come to Xbox anytime soon? I just had the vanilla autopilot corkscrew me into the ground when the FD showed the appropriate climb and bank for departure…

I am interested in some of the aircraft in the deluxe version of the game but with how messy most of the default aircraft are I’d rather spend that money on better quality add-ons.

From their Discord Channel:

Thanks for the info. That’s too bad - the Nxi works way better than the release g1000 and I heard good things about the working title update for the CJ4. There is no way the CJ4 is as powerful as the release version. I can make the advertised 3850 fpm climb at about 70% power…

I realize I had an incorrect runway heading in my flight plan, but it still shouldn’t exceed bank angle…

The WT CJ4 is eventually going to replace the default CJ4 in the sim, so it will definitely be on Xbox as well.

The WT team is small though. They can only really focus on 1 major project at a time. Right now, that’s the G1000 NXi and according to Matt, there’s already been a few thosands hours that have gone into it. And there’s still a long way to go to get it where they want it to be. The other mods are currently on the back burner in maintenance mode (they’ll issue fixes and small updates if required if a sim patch breaks them) while they focus on what Microsoft is currently paying them to do.


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Do you have a source on this? They have stated that the G1000Nxi will replace the default g1000 but have not mentioned anything about their other improvement mods.

It was from Working Title themselves some months ago. The CJ4 is currently being completely revamped by WT - even from their mod. No timeline was given, but if I recall correctly, at some point Matt said “this year”. So take it as you will.


There’s not much left of this year so I can handle that wait :slight_smile:
Been using the stock CJ4 and, well, it leaves a lot to be desired I think.

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