CJ4 WT ILS is faulty

The ILS function of the CJ4 WT is broke. I did three ILS approaches that do not work. The big hint that something is wrong is the message on the Control Display Unit (CDU) to Check LOC Tuning even though the correct LOC frequency is set. Manually switching to the LOC mode from GPS displays the green needle with the correct identification on the PFD, but the course is not correctly aligned and the glide slope is inoperative.
Perhaps a patch for this is on the way?

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I see the incorrect ‘check local tuning’ message also despite correct frequency. But I have been able to capture ILS by toggling the NAV button on the top left and manually switching, including successful capture of glideslope. What I can’t seem to get back are the blue ghost needles on the PFD when in range of the localizer. These have now disappeared. Nor does it perform the automatic NAV to NAV switch. I do also see the incorrectly displayed course needle when in ILS capture but this should not matter in capturing the ILS. That course needle is there for reference more than function. You can adjust this manually using course knob, but this too used to work and was automatically done in prior version. I think this release is bugged.

I reported this bug to Working Title at github and they are aware of it so perhaps we will see a patch or hot fix at some point.

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Good to know. Thanks for reporting to WT and here. My 2 favourite and most used aircraft borked by SU7. The modded CJ4 and TBM.


Concur. It seems like the nav-to-nav mode function is inop. Was able to manually capture an ILS at KBOZ.

Patch issued.


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Hooray! Thanks WT!

Folks are encouraged to join the WT Discord server where you can report these kinds of issues in Real Time (and potentially interact with WT staff in real time as well) on their CJ4 Channel. And you can get up to the minute notifications on new releases in the WT-News channel.

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Yes! My beautiful blue ghost needles are back and all is well with the world once again. Thanks so much WT, you guys rock.

The app required to open link cannot be found.

Not sure if you’re on a PC or Mobile Device when you tried it but you can always go to the main Discord https://discord.com site, create an account if you haven’t already, and login. Then cut and paste the following link into the browser address window (minus the <> symbols) https://discord.com/invite/Fa6w2xK