Clarity of buttons and text

Hi, Very new to VR, using Oculus Quest 2 with i9 9900kf, RTX2080ti, 32gb ram, FS on M.2 drive.

Followed a few guides on here to setup for FPS, which all work well, but I can’t seem to get clarity of text in small gauges or buttons, such as AP, etc.

How is this achieved as it’s the one thing making the whole VR experience low for me.


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I think just about everyone is having this issue, including myself (using a Rift S). The best thing I can that has worked for me to help this (until an update comes out to address this), is to set supersampling to about 130 instead of the default 100. You can also download the Oculus Tray tool to help with supersampling.

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The Reverb G2 will be your best bet to combat blurriness, but you’ll still see the limits of today’s VR tech with it a little. You will get used to it.

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I’m running a Quest 2 and too had this, as has been said it’s just a limitation of the hardware at present, that being said I’ve got mine to a standard I’m very happy with.

Render scaling at 100 in Sim,
Oculus Tray Tool Supersampling at 1.2
ASW Mode 30Hz (can change this to off in the small GA Aircraft)
Mirror FOV multiplyer 0.65

In Oculus App,
90Hz refresh rate and Resolution 1.7

This gives a great experience and image for me on the following hardware. Good luck!

Ryzen 5600x
RTX3070 FE


Thanks for replies, have tried the suggestions.
Still nice VR FPS and the like, it all looks great, except buttons etc, just not getting them looking any better without having to lean right in, or using the zoom feature, which would be okay if you could control the level of zoom!


When talking to a friend without VR, he ask how is it in DCS, never tried!
Now the interesting thing here is, in DCS it’s much better.
I only have two paid for models, Harrier and Gazelle and in both, more so the harrier the buttons are much clearer, not perfect but so much better than in MSFS.

Does anyone else have both MSFS & DCS World and find the same?

Would this indicate maybe better models will bring better buttons! or software upgrades to MSFS will solve the issue and the Quest 2 is not the main limiting factor?

Interest to hear anyone’s thought especially if you have more than one VR Flight Sim (or games) that have small details to view.


I have DCS and the payware F18 and Huey helicopter. I find the cockpit and dials very clear but the external/terrain textures much blurrier than FS2020 :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, same. Guessing terrain is like that because does not need details as not real world, and it works still very well.

Got to decide to keep or not keep the Quest 2 (as in return to shop). Off next week so can give it a good bash and decided.

Yes, I was in two minds too but decided to keep it in the end. It is good when you are inside of the plane and it is difficult to go back to 3 monitors. Shame about the blurriness/performance aspects but maybe this might get better with optimisations from Asobo/Oculus. :slightly_smiling_face:

Asobo would be my guess, as Quest 2 in DCS it’s much better in cockpit. Strange, thanks for reply.

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G2 is absolutely the best for flight simming right now. I’ve owned most of them.
Just switched from Samsung Odyssey+. None of the headsets are perfect but the G2 is the leader currently. For some reason the cockpits are much sharper in XP11 then in MSFS2020. Not sure why after considerable time tweaking settings.

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I have heard that as well. I heard that it has to do with the fact that xplane renders the cockpit separately than the terrain so in VR the cockpit is rendered higher than the scenery allowing for sharpness in the cockpit without killing performance. I hope MSFS can do something similar over time to help with current gen performance.