Clean Install MSFS Tomorrow?

Plan, tips or tricks going with a clean install tomorrow? Thinking both Nvidia drivers and MSFS to clean up the old junk.

Sounds like a good idea. :slight_smile:

I can already hear the interwebs crying out in pain…

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If you got fast internet sure why not.


I’d say just clear mods folder and see what happens

What he said. ^

Clean install is rarely necessary. I never do it for an update


And seeing as I already did that last week, I dont think ill need to do it again. I was planning to, but not now.

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Dirty install. Leave community folder in. Disconnect internet half way through install. Then remove community folder and continue download. Then right before download finishes smash your desktop with a hammer on the rear. Restart PC. Should be ready to go


I’m already working on it… then a pass through the registry for grins. All ready for tomorrow.

“If ya wanna fly the airplanes, ya gotta do the maintenance.”


I don’t do any of that. Just update the sim, update the addons and go.


I’d suggest doing a Windows update first…I do several update checks together each week, which seems to keep the wolves at bay!

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exactly as the instructions say.

I’m still running the install that’s survived all of the world and game updates so far.

I don’t think there’s an need for a clean reinstall, but I will untick all freeware in Add-on linker in time for the update to minimise the risk of a conflict.


Why? It’s useless like all internet legends

Holy cow, my install broke like 3 times during the first patches, I would recommend a clean reinstall, you might have issues you have not even noticed lying around.

I was thinking of doing a clean install but I’ll just patch for now and do a clean reinstall later once the hype dies down and servers are faster!

I might have done that if it didn’t take so long to install.

One day, when I’m able to get the 1gigabit down internet they’re are slowly (VERY slowly) rolling out in my area, then I will do a clean install just because it would be so relatively quick and painless then to do so. But right now, no not a chance. Not unless I absolutely had to.

But if you don’t even notice them then they’re not really issues, are they? :wink:

Personally, I wouldn’t do a full reinstall. Very rarely needed and given the massive load the servers are going to be under in an hour’s time, it’s more likely to create problems than prevent them.

Download the patch, have a play for a couple of days, and then reinstall if you actually have major, unsolveable problems.

Using PCs for almost 30 years I can tell you this much: a clean install never solved any issues or increased performance for me. It’s a waste of time. Any problem you had will pop up again once you installed all the same files again.

By the way: my Windows installation is 12 years old. Did a fresh install when Window 7 came out, since then migrated it to a new hard drive, installed Windows 10 on top, but never reinstalled. Works like a charm.