Clean installation

Hi, how are you? I would like to do a clean installation. I have already tried but the above is memorized. It wants to start from scratch as the first installation when it asks you if you want to download data for a better experience, resolution etc … etc … Any ideas …? Thank you.

Isn’t that what you want to do? A clean installation generally refers to getting rid of all files and settings then reinstalling and starting fresh.

Uninstall on Microsoft Store
Uninstall on Steam

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you can just change these settings after installing though.

it’s under Options -> General -> Data

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Hi @ToniGsxr600,
My experience is that this installation puts files all over the place, hides many of them, and an uninstall does not remove everything. If you find a way, please share it.


Thanks for all the information … I’m going to try to see but I think that somehow some saved settings always remain and a 100% clean installation cannot be done. I will try from the blind to delete cache and data to see. Thanks for your attention.

Keybindings are saved in the cloud, but other than that everything else is reset if I remember correctly.

If you have an open slot for an SSD you could install a dedicated drive and a second copy of Windows. You’d have a brand new installation and a drive exclusive to Flight Sim.

You could also create a virtual machine for Flight Sim; I would think that would be a 100% clean install as well. Might take a performance hit though… but interesting to try.

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