Clear advice on moving Community folder to a different drive

There seems to be lots of conflicting advice around this, but I am fast running out of space on my PC M.2 SSD as my community folder is now over 200GB and MSFS is still in its infancy.

So… i plan to install a large SATA SSD into my PC specifically for the community folder.

From what I have read, I can see that the folders “official “ and “community” can be moved anywhere on your PC, as long as they are moved together in the same place.

My confusion is there is a lot of talk around the “Packages” folder and moving that, as MSFS needs to know where this is on start up or you’ll have to re download everything and there will be no active community folder…

My main questions (although I’d like step by step guidance) is do you need to copy and paste (move) the “packages” folder, or just the “community” and “official” folders found within packages to my new SSD.

Once done, do I need to change the location file, or just launch the sim and click browse and then find my official and community folders? As the file path ends in packages, I presume to answer to the above question is I need to copy my “packages” folder to my new SSD.

I hope this makes some sort of sense!

I have the steam version if that’s relevant.


Clear advice.

Use MSFS Addons Linker and just put it where you like.


Ahh okay thanks you, I’ll have a look at this. It’s this specifically designed for cases like mine - I.e moving your community folder to a new drive?

Short of it is with this tool you can put your community folder anywhere you like.


I would leave the community folder (albeit empty) where it is so that it doesn’t disrupt the MSFS install. Add your addon folder anywhere else and use MSFS addon linker which Salem978 recommended to create shortcut links into the community folder. It’s a very clean process and it does not require you “moving” the community folder itself. :slight_smile:


You can move the complete packages folder and the point MSFS to the new location.
Move “packages” folder (contains Official and community).
When MSFS next starts, change path (double click on path (not UPDATE) and change location as needed then UPDATE and it should work.
Thereafter it will update official store in the new location when updates are published.
Addon linker is good but it still uses community folder for all the links
I use it to load unload areas and/or added scenery/aircraft , my packages folder is 204 gb and my addons folder is in excess of 1.5 terrabyte


Thanks guys, I will give this a go on my nearly full D drive to check how it works.

If it does, I’ll go ahead and install the new SSD which will be a scary process haha opening up my PC (very little understanding of the hardware).

It’s scary to think that the new London Heathrow is 20GB! My community folder is currently 200GB and the sim is just a baby still, there are so many more planes, liveries, photogrammetry and airports to come and even a 2TB hard drive sounds small when you consider one airport is 20GB.

This game is going to become absolutely massive for people as time goes on!

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I think this is the method I would prefer tbh as the community folder is so easy to use and I have no knowledge of the package manager software.

From what you are saying it sounds really easy! You don’t have to go into a user config file and edit the path then - just simply copy and paste your “packages” folder to where you want it, start the sim, select browse and find when you moved “packages” to and then you’re good to go?

And no need to do that everything you start the sim?

Btw I presume once copied and pasted, you need to delete the original packages folder or it will just load that.

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If you are familiar with the “user config file” you can change the path after you have moved the packages folder before starting MSFS and it will give the same result.
I did say “Move” not copy so yes you can delete the contents of the packages folder after you are happy that all is good.

I have Orbx libraries on “I” drive pointing to my community folder, MSFS Packages on “D” “addons folder” on “D” with Addons Linker to manage all my addons outside of the Orbx library.
Addons Linker is worth using, you can set up airports by Country and added aircraft by type etc. or whatever criteria you want

Thank you! Again I’d rather do it the first way and let the sim find the correct file, rather than editing the user config file - that sounds more scary than simply selecting browse and selecting when I moved packages to.

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