Clear skies lots of bumping

I’ve been away from the sim for a few months and when I returned I noticed that flights in clear skies the C 172 is not steady. It has a lot of small rolls back and forth, and I can’t trim it so it stays on line, I have not added wind layers and fly around 2,500 feet or less. It’s bad enough that the plane feels unstable. I tried changing the sensitivity of the joy stick as well as the dead zones. It fixes it a bit but not enough. Before, in clear skies mode, I could trim it up and it flew straight and steady. Any advice would be appreciated.


BTW, same problem in TBM.

Just to check I just went into X Plane 11 and flew from the same airport in the same conditions at it was dreamy, talking about the flight model. I was able to trim the C 172 in a second or 3, and more closely resembled what I remember a 172 flew like in calm winds and clear skies, very smooth. FS 2020 made some change that renders the 172 no fun to fly. Plus the 3 monitor setup in X Plane make flying easier on landing. If only MSFS had the same model and 3 monitors. What a joy it would be.

…same as clear skies or partly cloudy with lots of lightning.

Just went back into MSFS 2020, rest controllers, but on take off I have to pull back on the stick to get airborne and 172 goes into a hard left turn. If I trim the roll I can correct it but it still isn’t stable. Any one else having this problem? I have used these controllers in 2 other sims and they work perfectly, so I can only deduce that it’s the flight model.


Check to make sure you have the modern flight model selected vs legacy. Legacy causes a lot of issues.

That did the trick, Crunch. Thanks for all your help.

Now, if we could get three screens going, life would be good.

Thanks again

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Glad I could be of assistance.

Your symptoms sounded familiar. I’d tried legacy before. I’d consider it more “struggling to keep the plane in the air” than I would call if flying. lol

You should probably mark my post as your solution so the question gets posted as solved. It will make this easier to find for someone in the future that may be experiencing the same issue.

And yes, I also look foward to using 3 screens…

Ticked the solution. What a rig you have!

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Thank you!