Cleared to Land RWY 29 Winds 274 at 74 Knots

The wind is crazy strong near Mojave California USA. So I just did a short flight to Tehachapi Municipal Airport in the Cessna 172, because why not? First I had to get high enough to get over the mountains. Then I requested to land at Tehachapi Municipal and was granted clearance!

By the way, I nailed the landing. I couldn’t see the runway through my windshield because of the clouds, but I could see it on the Garmin, so I used that to line up. I broke through the clouds at the last minute and landed. It’s fun to try things you wouldn’t do in real life.


Sure. 74 knots wind !? You are talking 85 miles/hour, while the heaviest storm warning in RL occurs at 67 miles/hour. Airports are required to close at 40-45 miles/hour. I would like to see you navigating in at 85. Your story reminds me of my grandfather catching a 600 lbs tuna fish, but it escaped last minute…

In real life Cessna pilots say their max crosswind is 12-20 knots and the plane will tip over on the ground at 30-35… it has to be secured safely and quickly when that wind occurs after landing. In this game there is a landing challenge for C152 at 20 knots. You are talking near 4x that wind speed.

This is what happens at 21 knots side wind in a real life C172 landing,

At 74 knots… you’ll be blown away. Anywhere.


I hear you. I’m not a real life pilot, but I used to be an aerial photographer using mostly 152s, 172s, or R22 or R44 helicopters depending on the job. That was before the drone erra. I would hire instructor pilots to take me on photo shoots. I have plenty of flying experience from those days.

But I did it in the game. I know it seemed like I wasn’t making much forward progress on final. I wish I was recording my flight.

Maybe I will create the weather again and record the flight as I do it again. Good times :relieved:.

But that video shows the challenges of a 20 knot crosswind. The landing I did wasn’t much of a crosswind, right? It was more of a headwind. Winds 274 landing on 29. I don’t know the exact heading of runway 29 in Tehachapi off hand.

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can’t be side wind, you’re not able to align to runway… indeed, a playback option is #1 on the wish list, I think that counts for all of us… that landing I did for a challenge in the mountains, with 20 knots wind… would really like to be able to keep it and replay, to see my errors… post it… :slight_smile:

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